Sustainability and Environment


It is a Japanese term for continuous improvement in small steps, which is the base of our manufacturing philosophy.

Marex Boats has followed a lean production program for the last 17 years. Kaizen is a Japanese term for continuous improvement in small steps, which is the base of our manufacturing philosophy. This approach impressively changed our production, and we are training all our staff and suppliers to follow it. The focus on sustainability inside our control sphere has already given serious results and will provide even more soon. We see how small steps work, and we implement the same in our sustainability thinking.

Reuse & Recycle

Reducing packaging

Supply chain optimisation, reduce packaging by 50%

High-tech materials

Vacuum molding and high-tech materials with recycling

Use of raw materials

Steamed ash wood and synthetic teak as an alternative to real teak

Bio-based resins

Testing of new bio resins to replace oil-based polyester

There are some samples below of what it has provided:

The lean production philosophy strongly focuses on reducing waste. This is a never-ending process in Marex supply chain optimisation, but working with our suppliers is the key. Recently, we have reduced packaging by nearly 50 %.

We started to use recycled raw materials in our lamination production, like PET foam (a core material made from recycled plastic bottles).

We choose more sustainable raw materials for manufacturing, like steamed ash wood, instead of natural teak flooring in the boat interiors. This allowed us to reduce real teak consumption by 45 % last year. Using synthetic teak as an alternative outside decking is bringing this number further down.

Marex factory uses the VARTM method in the laminating production (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding), drastically limiting the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like styrene. We have invested in a large, activated carbon filter for the GRP lamination workshop to reduce styrene and other VOCs released into the atmosphere.

We test bio-based resins reinforced with linen fibers to replace oil-based polyester. Our development team actively monitors newly available resins to implement them in production. Still, the products on the market are not up to our standards yet, as Marex Boats endure the test of time and shortening a boat’s lifespan is not an environmentally helpful option.

Having a mindset to Reuse or Recycle throughout the complete manufacturing cycle of the boat is a crucial factor. For example, glass fiber dust left from production is used today to make a “putty” (a sparkle). Acrylic or plywood CNC offcuts are utilised in other small parts or components. The vacuum infusion film or bag is reused to cover the boat hulls during production.

Cultivation of a “Green mindset”

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Our mission in the Marex Boats:

The minimisation of environmental impact mainly focuses on product and production. For example, recycling and intelligent consuming materials have significantly changed Marex manufacturing.

We optimised our supply chain by working with our closest and most significant suppliers to eliminate or avoid unnecessary packaging.

Using environmentally friendly products is just one of the samples on daily small betterments. It educates our suppliers and us as long as we consider it closely.

We constantly concentrate on the wise use of raw materials and safely decrease the boat’s weight. This approach helps to reduce fuel consumption and increase efficiency.

Also, we use LED lighting only and solar panels on our boats to reduce emissions from the boats and give the customers a better boating life.

Future goals are set to reduce the total carbon footprint emitted in Marex production by minimising grid electricity use. We have invested in a large solar park on our premises for renewable energy to start using at the beginning of 2024.

A continuous renovation of our production buildings, like improving the building’s insulation to reduce carbon emissions from diesel heaters, is also improving our budget and the environment.

We aim to continuously research the new sustainable raw materials available on the market and cultivate a “Green mindset” in the Marex Boats.
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