Great Family Boating

Our Philosophy

The mission of Marex is straightforward – to be the best producer of 30 to 50- feet family boats. In Marex, we believe that design is more than just aesthetics. It should be both stylish and functional. That’s why we are obsessed with the practicality which gives a more comfortable onboard stay. It is the key to expanding the possibilities on water and exploiting all boating benefits. We’ve achieved a lot, but we stay committed to our goal: create boats that offer a perfect family boating experience in every single detail.

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The name “Marex” combines the two Latin words:

"mare", which stands for the “sea”, and “rex”, which means “king”.

Scandinavian way of boating

It is not a secret that the changeable Scandinavian weather and rather a short season create certain difficulties for boating in these regions. Therefore, that became a good push for us to create a flexible solution and extend the summer season in Northern areas (using a heater) or make boating more comfortable in warm climates (with AC).

Safety and Security

Safety and the feeling of security dictate all decisions on our boats. The protective rails are raised to a sufficient height for no one can inadvertently fall overboard and feel confident through tough sea conditions.
If you need to prepare fenders and ropes, your family can still feel safe moving around during cruising and getting the boat ready for the mooring. We created walkways wide enough to move comfortably from bow to stern without feeling constrained. Our additional handgrips do not disturb the exterior design but have a crucial safety function.

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Inspired by real-life experience

We know how important it is to have its own space for every single item onboard. All Marex boats have special storage for fenders and ropes, big compartments for oversized stuff and drawers for valuable little things. Spacious fridges, freezers and boxes for food and drinks are essential in our kitchen layouts. It’s never too much. We use every meter on board to create more useful holders and lockers under the sofas, stairs, beds, etc.

Passion for excellence

A home feeling onboard is the key to a happy boating experience. In Marex, we design kitchen space with all modern appliances and many drawers for food storage. Most of our bathrooms have full-height standing separate shower cabins.

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Easy to maintain

When it comes to design and style, Marex never forgets the practicality of materials, which play a huge role in the upcoming maintenance of the boat. We use a lot of water-resistant Alcantara, which dries very fast. It is also UV-resistant, allowing us to use it widely as an outside material and not be afraid of fading colours with time.
Also, we reduce the use of natural teak. We replaced it with synthetic teak, or steamed wood, which does not fear salted water, oils or aggressive sun.

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