Marex 440 Gourmet Cruiser is nominated for the European Powerboat of the Year 2024


Every year, the European boating industry awards five boats in different categories, with the most crucial prize in the field – The European Powerboat of the Year. The judges are the most experienced editors-in-chief and boat testers of the leading boat magazines in Europe. Organised by German magazine BOOTE, the European Powerboat Awards is one of the most prestigious awards for boating worldwide.

This year, the Marex 440 Gourmet Cruiser is nominated in the “Up to 14 meters” category.

Being nominated signifies that the boat is one of the most promising in the new season, is a long-lasting product and meets the professional jury’s expectations.

Marex 440 GC will be ranked with criteria such as craftsmanship, safety, manoeuvrability, design, space distribution, and performance. All parameters will be considered and compared on an internal scoring system. This year, new factors are added in the category up to 14 m – seaworthiness as well as range. Boats in this category have to be suited for longer distances, navigating across open water or traveling near the coast. The particular features needed to do so, like driving behavior, safety and range, have a big impact on the valuation of the judges.

The winners of the European Powerboat of the Year will be announced at the Flagship Night on the 20th of January 2024 during the boot Düsseldorf.

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