Our Factory

Production Facts

Boats from 30 to 45 feet
in production
28,000 sqm factory
150 – 170 hulls built
per year
5 Production halls
and Test Pool


100+ moulds

A typical Marex boat has around 100 fiberglass (GRP) parts that need to be moulded. We dedicate much attention to a precise calculation of the resin for every piece to get the right balance between the strength and the weight of the boat. The reinforcements are precisely cut with a CNC machine or detailed templates to prevent mistakes.


Best fiberglass

Marex uses mostly multiaxial fiberglass mats. They are knitted, sewed, and layered in several directions to give strength in a much more efficient way but also much more expensive than the traditional fibermat. Fibre materials and resins have very different qualities, and Marex carefully chooses the best suppliers and products.

Production methods

80% Vacuum Infusion
20% Manually

Marex mostly uses the Vacuum Infusion method, which secures a greater quality without unpleasant surprises. That helps us to build a lighter boat without loss of strength. You’ll never get bladders in the hull (osmosis) or bubble cracks in the plastic parts. It’s a very costly process, but it’s also really advantageous. For customers, it means no problems in the future and lighter and faster boats with better fuel efficiency.


Air temperature

Air temperature and humidity are constantly monitored in the halls, which is extremely important for manufacturing high-quality composites. Changing just a single component can provoke unknown chemical consequences for another element. All processes and conditions are written down and saved for traceability in case of reactions of materials or parts.

The assembly pre-checks

Fuel and LPG-systems
All Equipment
Tolerance 2 mm

Before assembling, all the engineering systems are checked, and we have a strict routine. Marex has a long list of internal tests, from fuel, LPG systems and tanks to all equipment in the kitchen, toilets, and AC/heaters. Serious control is provided at every stage as a tolerance during all installation is less than 2-3 millimetres.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

300 suppliers
20,000 components
3,000 operations

Marex implemented an ERP system named Monitor G5. This type of software is used to manage all our operations, boat construction, incoming orders, stock purchase storage, calculating the workforce, administrating suppliers and accounting routine. It helps to have an order with more than 300 suppliers, 20,000 different components for the boat and production, and it registered over 3,000 various operations on every single boat.


450+ professionals

We believe that motivated employees are the key to success. We believe that only professionals can guarantee safety and quality. Marex consists of a group of devoted professional boat builders, and the factory has been rewarded and is listed among the ‘top ten most wanted employers’ in the Baltics.

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Test routines

100 points check
Sea trial
“Shower” test
160 checkpoints for the electrical system

Marex Boats dedicates a lot more attention to the checking and control process. The testing helps us check all the onboard components through an extensive 100-point audit: the electronic system, engine, heating system, lighting, navigation, etc. A total of 160 points are on the checklist for the electrical arrangement alone. This process reduces the chance of production errors. All Marex boats are tested thoroughly on water before they’re delivered to the owner. After this long sea trial, the boat also stands in a large testing shower for four hours to test for leakages.

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