Design and Innovations

How to create the best family boat ever

For a long time, we have been searching for the perfect harmony of aesthetics and functionality. We wanted to combine new technologies and comfort for the whole family, natural materials and, at the same time, easy maintenance. Optimised volumes, innovations for safety and ergonomics. Those things are the core values of Marex.

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The functional design should be cutting-edge and state-of-the-art.
It has to show direction into the future.

Naval architecture

Over the decades, Marex has improved and developed its own planning hull, designed for efficiency, excellent manoeuvrability, safety and comfort. We combine classic Norwegian craftsmanship and experience with modern achievement to reach excellent performance characteristics. The experience of working together with other groups like VOM Creation, Alpha Group, and Nikl Design lifts us even further.

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Listen to the customer's voice

Over 50 years has indeed brought Marex Boats a significant experience. All this time, the feedback from our customers has been implemented in the design and functionality. We have put a lot of effort into considerable resources to create smart solutions that increase comfort and ease of use. We believe that our mission is to make life on board easier by creating all systems user-friendly. The family is the crew, and if the crew is happy, the family is happy.

Perfection through practical experience

We make boats for experienced boaters with advanced expectations and interests in functional solutions. It is not just aesthetic design. We face the same challenges as our clients, and it’s easier to predict some wishes as we use our boats ourselves. We can understand what families need on board even when they are unsure of what they seek. Every aspect of the boat goes through the evaluation and improvement process.

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Passion for boating

Our yachts can meet different weather and fit a wide range of purposes. Family trips, weekends with friends or finishing adventures will be possible because of modular spaces, smart design solutions and ergonomics. For Marex, it’s always a challenge to implement and combine many features in a model, but we are dedicated to our end product and have been rewarded for it.

A home-like feeling

Each model of Marex Boats comes with new reasonable solutions, layouts, and a goal to design more dynamic lines. The most important is to create a higher level of ergonomics and comfort and create optimised volumes with a comfortable space. The days of small beds and cramped bathrooms are over. Today’s clients wish for more spacious showers, a lot of natural light, and comfort in the galley and salon. That gives the feeling of being at home.

Our innovations:

Smart Canopy System

Davits system for tender

Wheel adjustment

Pull-out stools

Benches on the swim platform

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