Welcome to the first Marex Boats photo competition!

The idea of this photo contest is very simple! We aim to lift the mood and share the happy Marex lifestyle. We also want to show the weekend adventures, relaxing comfort with the family, your personal joy onboard, or a fun-to-drive time with friends. You are the user!


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Our categories 2024:

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Best destination

In this category, we would like to see your exciting adventures to great locations and remote destinations where you are traveling with Marex.

Best family photo

The idea is to demonstrate a great time together at your Marex. Cooking, having dinner, fishing, doing boat chores, etc. —it's up to you!

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Short film contest

The movie can represent both great locations and fun on board.

5 Guidelines

It should show the boat at its best with family and friends.
Surfaces must be clean and tidy, preferably no mooring equipment such as ropes and fenders unless needed.
The central theme is the boat and guest/family, but a natural or beautiful background is also welcome.
Please avoid smoking, do not focus on alcohol, etc.
No other boat brands must be central in the picture


The competition starts on July 1, and entries close on November 1.
Winners will be announced at boot Düsseldorf 2025


1st Place

2,000 euros
and Factory tour with accommodation

2nd Place

Marex accessories
and branded clothes

3d Place

Branded clothes

Photos should be uploaded in JPEG format with high-quality compression and the original pixel size. Do not scale, and do not change the resolution. Videos should be a maximum of 1 minute in high-quality resolution, MOV, or MP4 format. Blurred, dark, low-resolution pictures and images with watermarks or date stamps will be rejected.

The photographer is responsible for and agrees to have permission from everyone acting in the pictures. All photos are the original work of the participant. All material must be received by 1 November. Marex Boats is not responsible for competition entries that are lost or not received, regardless of cause. A team of boat journalists, Marex dealers, and factory representatives will choose the winner.

By submitting your photos/videos to the Marex Boats contest, you agree that Marex Boats will use them for marketing purposes, e.g., on social media, websites, email, brochures, etc. The rights of the submitted photos/videos remain with you, and you grant Marex Boats only a right of use. Where possible, the photos will be credited.

We look forward to receiving your Marex Boats photos and videos!

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